Reniff Construction LLC, Robert Reniff, owner and thief

Construction license 2101205854 FRAUD WARNING!!!!!


Update 12/29/18: A check on Robert Reniff's construction license shows that he was ordered to reimburse my $1500 and pay a fine in October 11, 2018. As of this update, no restitution has been made.

Update 09/27/2018: At the 53rd District Court in Howell, Robert Reniff and I had a chance to discuss the issue on this web page. Robert told me that the state had fined him and had given him a couple of months to refund my $1500. If and when the refund is received, this web site will be retired.

Update 09/27/2018: A defamation suit was brought against me in June of 2018 for posting the name of a company and the owners name on this site. Yesterday, in the 53rd district court in Howell, we had a case review hearing. The hearing is held by a 3 attorney panel to determine the merits of the Plaintiff's case and to try to come to a resolution prior to a court trial. The attorneys began questioning the owner/plaintiff about her case. She brought Robert Reniff with her into the case review as her "interpretor" and counsel. First, they told her that the court could not order the removal of her name, company name, her picture, or this website. Next they told her that defamation, as she claimed, had to be proven and she had offered no proof of damage to her or her unlicensed company's reputation. Next they asked her about financial damages. She had no proof, couldn't remember the name of the prospective client, couldn't remember the amount of the contract but thought it might be about $2,300, and had no signed contract. Interestingly, when she was trying to confirm the amount and name with Robert Reniff, she explained that her company uses Robert Reniff as their licensed builder and her company uses his construction license, 2101205854.  Her statement, at court, proved that my post and allegation was indeed accurate and in no way defamatory. Regardless, I offered to remove her information from this site and the case was dismissed.

The company and owner are now providing Robert Reniff with another opportunity to deal with customers. This company is not licensed to perform construction work as required by Michigan law. This company is not licensed to sell construction work as required by Michigan law. This company is on FaceBook, was created on May 3, 2018, and has no other web page as well as no phone number to call to request quotes or work. Conveniently, this company is located in Holly, Michigan, across the street from where Robert Reniff used to live. The owner, Roberta, brought a civil suit against me for posting a warning on the "Highland Matters" Facebook page after I found her advertising for construction work for her company (conveniently named by reversing Robert Lynn Reniff's middle and first name). My post stated that the name of the company was coincidently named similar to Robert Lynn Reniff and that people should be aware so they don't lose money like so many others had.

The owner of this company should review the applicable law. Each job performed without a company license will carry a fine of up to $500. A company selling or performing construction work without a license can be fined for a minimum of $5,000 up to a maximum of $25,000. Simply having a licensed "sub contractor" doing the work does not qualify the company as being licensed to sell construction work. This may be reported to LARA as a complaint for follow-up

Details about the case can be found under case number 18-2161GC at  https://livingstonlive.livgov.com/CourtRecordValidation/noLogin.do

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Interestingly, the State of Michigan, department of licensing, filed a formal complaint against Robert Reniff for cheating people in his construction business. The third count in the formal complaint says that his "conduct, as described above, evidences a lack of good moral character, in violation of MCL 339.604(d)". As it turned out, the investigator went to visit Bob in Holly. He wasn't home but the investigator ran into him while Bob was walking back home from the liqour store. Bob was clearly under the influence and admitted everything to the investigator. Hopefully Bob Reniff will lose his current license, be restricted from licensing Reniff Construction, LLC again, and never be allowed another license to steal under the guise of a business.


Robert Reniff, owner and thief


Want to post your story about Rob? Send an email to postmaster@reniffconstruction.com , or rob@reniffconstruction.com , or robertreniff@reniffconstruction.com , or robreniff@reniffconstruction.com and let's share.



Since 2015 and probably longer, Robert Reniff has been taking "downpayments" for work to be scheduled at a later date. When it comes time for the work to be done, Robert is nowhere to be found. He stops answering your emails and phone calls. For a while you get lots of promises and excuses.

Robert Reniff moved from Holly after having been evicted from his former rental and now his fiance's rental. Unfortunately, Robert Reniff can only occasionally be reached through his cell phone at 248-807-0142. I guess he hasn't stolen enough money to pay the phone bill.


I can just imagine how frightened Austin is. Robert Reniff, a drunk that can harldly stand up without support, threatening him like that. Then again, Bobby can only take on a girl. Otherwise he needs help... really just someone else to do his fighting. Especially when he posts lies about what really happened. Poor Pauline had to appear in court to face charges for this incident. Looks like Robert's story isn't quite accurate.

There is currently at least one civil suit against Reniff in Oakland County, MI. He is being sued for $20,000 for taking money and never doing the job. Reniff rented a home in Holly, Mi at 310 North Steet but reportedly had to move out after being evicted. Reniff's phone number is 248-807-0142. He keeps his tools and supplies in storage but has no money or assets. He has 2 current contract jobs; I feel sorry for these people as they're about to lose their money too. Robert has charges pending in Livingston County and hopefully will be back in jail soon.

Robert contracted to paint my house in 2015. He needed a downpayment to get the job scheduled. Robert Reniff cashed my check but never showed up to do the work. Countless calls later and several months later he stopped answering me completely. I found out that he was in the Livingston County Jail serving 6 months. After he was released I contacted him through his girlfriend, and relatives. He promised to make good but never contacted me again. Robert Renif blocked me on Facebook so I could no longer contact him.

During 2015 Robert Reniff scammed several people. The total for 2015 was about $40,000. There was a lady named Jackie that he took for $15,000. Another gentleman named Dan was taken for $1500. Dan's brother lost $15,000 to Bob Reniff. Bob Reniff sold a window installation to Lynn for about $8,000. No, she never saw her windows installed.

I found Robert Reniff on Home Advisor dot com ( www.homeadvisor.com ). When it became obvious that he scammed me, I contacted Home Advisor. They told me that his account had recently been deactivated and they could do nothing to help. He is currently listed on Angies List. While you might want to give Robert Reniff the benefit of the doubt, you should think twice. The positive feedback you might find on Facebook and elsewhere for Reniff Construction or Robert Reniff is only left by his girlfriend and his family members.

Robert Reniff is licensed with the State of Michigan. How this is possible considering his extensive criminal background is a mystery. Bob's license numbers are 2101205854 and 2102208952. Complaints can be reported to the Bureau of Professional Licensing at 517-373-9196 or online at http:\\www.michigan.gov/bpl . Perhaps if enough people call the state will actually do something about him. UPDATE: The State of Michigan has filed suit against Robert. Since he won't be able to refund anyone's money, his license may finally be revoked.

I contacted the Howell police department. They sent me to the Livingston County Sheriff. I went there and they directed me to the Livingston County Prosecutor's office. The prosecutor's office directed me back to the Livingston County Sheriff. One lady in Novi got the same circle-jerk treatment from the Novi police and prosecutor's office. As for help from Help Me Hank or the ABC equivalent, forget it. They don't even respond.

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Public information searches show:

1991 2nd degree retail fraud, larceny.   $200 and 6 months probation

1997 Driving on a suspended license. $100 fine

2001 Driving while intoxicated, Driving on a suspended license 7/2/2000. 1 to 5 years prison.

2001 again, Driving while intoxicated, Driving on a suspended license. 2 years to 7 years and 6 months prison.

2003, Driving while intoxicated, Driving on a suspended license, failure to stop at the scene of an accident. 30 months to 7 yrs and 6 months, plus 1 year, plus 93 days prison.

2008 Driving while intoxicated, Driving on a suspended license. 42 months to 15 years prison plus 93 days.

2011 Obstruction of justice warrant

2015 Driving on a suspended license. $150 plus 30 days jail.

2015 again, Driving on a suspended license

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